Dear Clients

Brook in Forest

Welcome to my counseling practice!

For my methods, appointments and fees please see below.

Yours sincerely


Martina Roth


Would you like someone

*to listen to you attentively?
* whom you can confide in completely?


* who attends to you when you have key decisions to make?

The focus of my service is to support you in

  • Understanding yourself better
  • Recognizing your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Analyzing disorders and perceiving them from a bird´s view
  • Obtaining clarity about your own needs, wishes and objectives
  • Defining your challenges
  • Working out together possible solutions
  • Recognizing and developing your own personal resources
  • Finding solutions which you carry within yourself in the form of your personal strengths and abilities
  • Implementing your newly attained views and patterns of behaviour in daily life



The purpose of my counseling is to capacitate you to regulate yourself on the long run.


It is my wish to help you find the way to develop your own potentials so as to enable you to find personal happiness, self esteem, contentment, creativity and self-determination.


My methods are mainly that of talk therapy according to C. Rogers, the family board to dissolve blockades and  systemic approaches.

All of these methods aim at activating self healing mechanisms and serve to further your personal development.


The atmosphere in my counseling is one of acceptance and understanding.

I keep strict professional secrecy.

Appointments and Fees

If you want to have a relaxed look on how counselling in my practice is you can book a trial session of 20 minutes for 20 €.

The fee for a single 60 minutes session is € 70, for couples and families € 90.


An appointment once made is binding. If you want to cancel one please do so 24 hours before it is to take place.

Otherwise the fee will be charged. Thank you!